CC Blocking’sOutrigger Pads and blocks are manufactured from Douglas Fir or Birch 3/4” exterior grade sheathing and are layered using a liquid glue that expands into the wood creating an incredibly strong waterproof bond. They are then hydraulically pressed (up to 30 Ton) and screwed from both sides creating strong and solid blocks and pads. Once cured, the edges are sanded and rounded for a practical and professional appearance.


All pads, blocks and ramps are made with built-in poly rope handles.

Pads 30” and larger have two handles, 180 degrees apart. Handles are normally on the narrow end of pads, unless otherwise requested


  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Shapes
  • Extra handles
  • Handles made from braided Nylon Rope
  • Sealed edges, painted with marine grade enamel in Safety Orange or Clear-Coat