Fencing Staplers and Accessories

We have a range of timber fence post staplers, timber batten staplers and staples to suit each product with different lengths for various applications. We also have a Compressor available for our Pneumatic fence staplers. Our Staplemate makes pulling out 9 gauge (4mm) dia staples a breeze. Our insulator guide attachment allows for easy installation of electric fences. Contact Us to find out more and see how our staplers can make your fencing job easier and faster.


Timber Fence Post Staplers


Fence Post Staplers Batten Staplers Staples
  • ST400i Cordless Fence Post Stapler
  • ST400 Pneumatic Fence Post Stapler
  • Fence Post Staples
  • Batten Staples

Timber Batten Staplers

Other Tools

Fence Post Staplers Batten Staplers Other Tools
  • ST315i Cordless Batten Stapler
  • ST315 Pneumatic Batten Stapler
  • Compressor
  • Staplemate
  • Insulator Guide Attachment